Because I work as both a project manager and a supplier of copyediting and proofreading services, I see projects from multiple points of view. This helps me to see the big picture and the details – the broader project requirements and each stakeholder’s individual concerns – and thereby seek solutions that satisfy everybody.

I aim to see the wood and the trees.

Here, I use these perspectives to write about how editorial professionals can become ever better partners to their clients.

PMP or PRINCE2: which is most valuable as an accreditation for an editorial project manager?

By Hazel Bird | 02 Jun 2020 |
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PMP (Project Management Professional) and PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) are two of the most popular and highly ranked project management certifications worldwide. But how are they perceived in the editorial and publishing world, and which would be most valuable to an editorial project manager seeking work? I’m planning to complete one of these qualifications over the next year, but I wanted to be sure I was choosing the right one for my industry, where…

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Editorial midwifery: why a love of language is not enough

By Hazel Bird | 12 May 2020 |
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It’s not uncommon to hear editors alluding to what they do as a kind of midwifery. Editors (for which read ‘copyeditors’ and ‘proofreaders’ throughout) help clients to ‘birth’ books – to bring them into the world in the healthiest and best-prepared state they can, with the minimum possible fuss, mess and pain. They support clients (parents), listening carefully to their desires for their book (birth plan) and doing their utmost to make those desires a…

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Keeping projects moving in a crisis by putting people first

By Hazel Bird | 23 Apr 2020 |
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As we’re all currently discovering, sometimes all the determination, foresight and savvy in the world cannot prevent a project from being brought to its knees – or, far less dramatically, being rendered irrelevant with breathtakingly savage immediacy. But even in these difficult times, many projects are going ahead. And in more normal times too, a less existential but still very serious crisis can threaten to overwhelm a project that might otherwise have been able to…

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We are already surviving

By Hazel Bird | 23 Mar 2020 |
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Freelancers inhabit a world of paradoxes. These paradoxes show us how when a huge shock hits, we may worry about how we will survive, but in a sense we are already surviving.

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Psychological safety in editorial work

By Hazel Bird | 10 Mar 2020 |
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HBR defines psychological safety as allowing for ‘moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind, creativity, and sticking your neck out without fear of having it cut off’. In the professional sphere, it’s about trust, openness and confidence that we will receive a reasonable and proportionate response when we raise questions or concerns with our colleagues. As a project manager, it’s something I try to establish in all my projects. And it’s a concept that I think we…

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Disengage, re-engage: 13 tips for proofreading text you’ve already copy-edited

By Hazel Bird | 09 Jul 2018 |
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In the editorial world, it’s generally thought that the person who copy-edited a text shouldn’t also be the person to proofread it. This is a sound rule to follow wherever possible: a proofreader is often referred to as a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, and this freshness can be invaluable. In the same way that an author can become blind to the errors in their own work through overfamiliarity, a copy-editor tends to lose that ‘edge’…

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Difficult feedback: should you send it and, if so, how?

By Hazel Bird | 18 Jun 2018 |
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When editorial project managers expect too much

By Hazel Bird | 22 May 2018 |
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When editorial project managers expect too much

I recently received a thought-provoking comment from a fellow freelance editorial professional who has been working alongside me on a project I’ve been managing. The projects I manage are typically very large (hundreds of thousands or even millions of words), and there are inevitably hiccups that arise and have to be resolved. So I found it interesting when the other editor commented that I am more understanding than some other project managers about these kinds…

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How to use bubble charts to get a snapshot of your clients’ value to your business

By Hazel Bird | 01 May 2018 |
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If you’re like me, you keep meticulous records of all of your projects, including hours worked, hourly rates, speed of work and so on. It’s easy to quickly rack up a lot of data, but data is no good if it’s not put to practical use. I do various ongoing and yearly analyses of my data, and one of those analyses involves creating a bubble chart to give me a snapshot of my clients’ value…

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