How it works

Which level do I need?

I provide three broad levels of editing: proofreading, copy-editing and substantial revision. It doesn’t matter if your document doesn't fit cleanly into one of these categories. This page is just intended to give a basic idea of how these processes work. If you’re interested in my project management services, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


For documents that are almost finished but need a final check for spelling errors, grammar and typos. If the document is an academic one and contains references, they will already have been styled and will only need checking for consistency and residual errors.


A much more thorough level of edit, looking for grammar and spelling errors but also addressing style and readability. If appropriate, I can also make suggestions to improve pacing and flow. If the document is academic, I will style any references.


For documents that are at draft stage or that have had little work done on them to make them consistent and reader-friendly. At this level of editing, I can become closely involved in the writing process, making suggestions to improve the logical organisation of the text. Depending on the subject matter, you can even send me your drafts to turn into completed chapters. However, please note that I do not offer this service on documents intended for assessment.

I can also work on the accuracy of the spelling and grammar, though documents that have been heavily structurally edited often benefit from being sent to another editor afterwards for copy-editing.


It’s not possible to give a fixed list of prices as each document has different requirements. I calculate each quote individually, so please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Sample copy-editing and proofreading workflow

This is a basic workflow that can be adapted to your needs and to your particular project. The aim is to give you an idea of what you can expect if you choose to work with me as your editor or proofreader.


Once I’ve received your enquiry, I’ll request some background information and usually ask to see a sample of the document. Then:

  • I’ll ask questions to clarify the kind of service you want.
  • I’ll ask whether you have any special requirements (e.g., style guide to be followed or particular issues with the text that you want me to address).
  • I’ll answer any questions you have.
  • I’ll provide a clear quote and timescale.

I can also provide a sample edit of up to 1,000 words.


Once you’re happy with these details and we’ve agreed on a price and timescale:

  • If necessary, we’ll discuss the project in more depth and ensure that it’s clear what the editing/proofreading process covers.
  • I’ll ask for copies of any documentation you want me to follow.
  • I’ll send you my contract and request a deposit (usually payable before work commences).


I’ll then start to work my way through your document. I might go quiet for a while at this stage, but eventually I’ll have questions. These usually come in two varieties:

  • Questions on overarching or major issues are usually best dealt with as I’m working my way through the manuscript. I generally send these as a list in an email.
  • Detailed questions on individual sections, sentences and words will be inserted into the text as comments. If I’m working in MS Word, I’ll also use the track changes function so you can see all of my changes. If I’m working on PDF, all changes will be shown in the PDF according to the mark-up method you prefer (I can advise if you’re not sure).


What happens next depends on the level of service you’ve chosen.

  • For proofreading (level 1), it isn’t usually necessary to send the document back to me after you’ve gone through my queries and comments. This is because proofreading deals with simple issues such as residual typos and minor infelicities that don’t normally need to be followed up. However, I will be available to resolve any issues once you’ve gone through the document and looked at my edits and comments.
  • For copy-editing (level 2) and substantial revision (level 3), you’ll have the option to return the document to me along with your answers to my queries. I can then incorporate your answers and do a second (much quicker) pass through the document to check that all the queries have been dealt with and that any changes and new material have been harmoniously incorporated. If necessary, this process of queries and revisions may be repeated.


Once everything is resolved, I’ll send you my final invoice. Payment is due by 30 days from the date of invoice. You’re welcome to contact me if any further small queries on your manuscript arise as you take it forward to its final destination.

Please note that this is a sample workflow only. If you choose to work with me, we’ll agree a workflow specific to your project.