Hearing from clients who are thrilled with how I’ve contributed to their project is a hugely rewarding part of what I do. Here are some of my favourite bits of feedback.

From authors

It has been an overwhelmingly good experience working with you on the final stages of our massive International Encyclopedia of Anthropology. I’m particularly grateful for the meticulous care you have taken to support our many authors whose first language is not English; and for your patience and readiness to go “far beyond” in order to resolve my many queries. It has been a huge project, and I look forward with some trepidation to seeing the finished product online and in print.’

— Hilary Callan, director emerita of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland

Thank you for bringing your meticulous eye, extraordinary patience, and implacable intelligence to this book. I’m tremendously grateful to you for all your wonderful work.’

— Aysha Pollnitz, Assistant Professor of History, Grinnell College

I could not have asked for a better copy-editor than Hazel as we worked to prepare the book for publication. I recognise all the hard work she put into this task, and appreciate it greatly.’

— Peter Messent, Emeritus Professor of Modern American Literature, Nottingham University, UK

Hazel’s copyediting was meticulous, well-judged and thoughtful. She has a wonderful eye and helped craft my rather chaotic manuscript into something far more scholarly and accurate! Her communications to me were always swift and clear, and it was a pleasure to see her at work.’

— Ben McCann, University of Adelaide

Thank you very much for all your hard work. You have done a magnificent job with a complex and difficult book.’

Harry Sidebottom, academic and author of the Throne of the Caesars trilogy

Fantastic, thanks Hazel. In the seven books I’ve written, you really have been the most thorough and professional editor I’ve had the pleasure to work with.’

— professor of history, USA

You made no changes that seemed gratuitous, and made no more than necessary. I am equally amazed by your skill and by your temperament. You have made this process not only more efficient but also more painless than I thought possible.’

— Deborah Tannen, Professor, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University, USA, and author of You Just Don’t Understand

I couldn’t imagine a more expert handling of this process, especially given the complexities of this manuscript.’

— Todd Lewis, Professor of World Religions, College of the Holy Cross, USA

I am a (mature) PhD candidate who was advised by my examiners to seek the help of an editor in order to complete the changes they wanted to see in my dissertation. Hazel’s contribution was precise and efficient and her accuracy reminded me of the way I was taught to write English 40 years ago but over the years have forgotten. She commenced work on exactly the day she said she would, completed ahead of schedule, and was able to get my second round of comments in more quickly than expected. Her willingness to answer ad hoc questions as I ground through my own work was a tremendous added value to working with her. In short, a pleasure to work with and I could not recommend her more highly.’

— Adam Gower, PhD student, UCL

In the beginning I questioned the expense of a copy edit, but I really think you have been worth every penny. Your meticulous attention to detail has been stunning throughout and I really feel that you care as much as I do about the finished result.’

— Christine Lewry, self-publisher and author of Thin Wire

Hazel has been really great to work with. She is steady and consistent, and has made my job less crazy-making. She is one of the best I have ever worked with.’

— professor of anthropology, USA

For work on business and charity materials

Thanks so much for your help over the years – I’ve always been able to send the magazine to the printers with 100% certainty that there will be no typos, howlers or spelling mistakes included thanks to your thorough work on each issue!’

— Dom Hall, Content Manager, National Osteoporosis Society

I have worked with Hazel on three books now – two were mine, the third and most recent was for an important client. Hazel is a delight to work with when one is short of time and naturally impatient.  She is thoroughly professional and has the instincts to pick up a writer’s tone of voice and rhythm and match it through the value she adds to the manuscript. Her returned versions are easy to understand, adopt and go forward with.’

— Tim Baynes, consultant and author

Thank you so much for your careful and thorough work on this. Wonderful job.’

— charity client

Hazel was startlingly efficient, in both negotiating the work with me and it doing it when she said she would, and exactly as I’d asked for. I’m not used to people being so dynamic, given how sclerotic our work lives have become. ... She rose to the challenge brilliantly ... and she acted with impressive initiative. I’d give her AA for adaptability and acumen. An N for niceness too. And a very big E for efficiency and effectiveness.’

Dr Jo Stanley, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

You made our work read a million times better so for that I am extremely grateful.’

— non-profit client

I’ve checked through the proofs and you’ve made everything incredibly clear.’

— charity client

From other publishing professionals

You’ve done an amazing job. I really appreciate the calm and accomplished way you’ve dealt with all the complexities and unusual challenges of the project.’

— in-house project manager, Wiley Blackwell

Thanks for being so thorough in your emails – it is really great to have the problem all laid out clearly along with a summary of the questions or suggestions for solutions. Makes life much easier!’

— in-house project manager, Wiley Blackwell

It was a great pleasure working with you as your emails were very explanatory and the instructions were crystal clear. Thanks for being very supportive and providing instant feedback on the quality of the proofs.’

— Swapna Srinivasan, typesetting project manager, SPi

Hazel is one of the best project managers I have worked with in over 30 years of freelancing. She provides thorough, detailed briefs, and I am always confident at the start of a project that she has taken its measure and anticipated most of the problems that are likely to arise. Clear-headed and calm, she is an excellent project leader. She is good at making sensible decisions but also does not hesitate to modify a principle if something isn’t working. Hazel is always a pleasure to work with: she treats freelancers as collaborators and with respect, and often copy-edits alongside other freelancers on large projects that she manages.’

Jacqueline Harvey, freelance copy-editor

You are a marvellous supporter and I consider myself lucky to have got you as a project manager to encourage me to broaden my skills.’

— Manuela Tecusan, freelance copy-editor

I would like to mention that it was really not possible without your immense help and guidance on this book.’

— typesetter