Because I work as both a project manager and a supplier of copyediting and proofreading services, I see projects from multiple points of view. This helps me to see the big picture and the details – the broader project requirements and each stakeholder’s individual concerns – and thereby seek solutions that satisfy everybody.

I aim to see the wood and the trees.

Here, I use these perspectives to write about how editorial professionals can become ever better partners to their clients.

Why freelancers should write annual reports

By Hazel Bird | 27 Apr 2021 |
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This year, for the first time, I wrote an annual report for my freelance business. But wait, isn’t that a bit of a paradox – a freelancer writing an annual report? Surely annual reports are designed to be shared with government, shareholders and the media (entities unlikely to have much interest in the average freelance business)? Surely they are abstruse, tedious things written only because they are compulsory? They don’t have to be. Freelancers may…

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How to be a trustworthy freelancer

By Hazel Bird | 24 Feb 2021 |
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What’s your most precious asset as a freelancer or small business owner? I’ll give you some hints. It’s not your qualifications or professional memberships. Up to a point, anybody with enough tenacity and funding can acquire those. It’s also not your website or portfolio. Again, however informative they are and however long they took you to build, there will be many other freelancers out there with credentials that are just as impressive. And it’s not…

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Trust and conquer: why you should trust your freelancers

By Hazel Bird | 17 Nov 2020 |
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In today’s volatile business world, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to be agile rather than fragile. One way of achieving this is to use freelance talent to quickly source resources when – and only when – they are needed. This model sees groups of people come together to carry out a specific project and then part ways when the project is complete. Businesses need to ask themselves how they can achieve the best version…

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Working in an editorial team Part II: copyeditor, typesetter or designer, proofreader and indexer

By Hazel Bird | 25 Aug 2020 |
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For an editorial project to meet its goals, multiple people (sometimes many) need to work together, but potentially without ever actually communicating with each other. This requires each person to have a clear understanding of their role in the process and the ripples (good or bad) they can create for others in the editorial team. Part I of this article gave some suggestions on how the author, developmental editor and project manager can contribute to…

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Working in an editorial team Part I: author, developmental or structural editor, and project manager

By Hazel Bird | 11 Aug 2020 |
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I almost called this article ‘How to Avoid Screwing Things Up in an Editorial Team’, but the SEO gods said it was too long. However, that’s essentially what this article and its follow-up are about. All editorial projects require collaboration. The simplest might only involve an author and a proofreader, whereas the most complex can involve many more people working together in an editorial team. For any project to turn out well, these people need…

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PMP or PRINCE2: which is most valuable as an accreditation for an editorial project manager?

By Hazel Bird | 02 Jun 2020 |
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PMP (Project Management Professional) and PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) are two of the most popular and highly ranked project management certifications worldwide. But how are they perceived in the editorial and publishing world, and which would be most valuable to an editorial project manager seeking work? I’m planning to complete one of these qualifications over the next year, but I wanted to be sure I was choosing the right one for my industry, where…

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Editorial midwifery: why a love of language is not enough

By Hazel Bird | 12 May 2020 |
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It’s not uncommon to hear editors alluding to what they do as a kind of midwifery. Editors (for which read ‘copyeditors’ and ‘proofreaders’ throughout) help clients to ‘birth’ books – to bring them into the world in the healthiest and best-prepared state they can, with the minimum possible fuss, mess and pain. They support clients (parents), listening carefully to their desires for their book (birth plan) and doing their utmost to make those desires a…

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Keeping projects moving in a crisis by putting people first

By Hazel Bird | 23 Apr 2020 |
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As we’re all currently discovering, sometimes all the determination, foresight and savvy in the world cannot prevent a project from being brought to its knees – or, far less dramatically, being rendered irrelevant with breathtakingly savage immediacy. But even in these difficult times, many projects are going ahead. And in more normal times too, a less existential but still very serious crisis can threaten to overwhelm a project that might otherwise have been able to…

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We are already surviving

By Hazel Bird | 23 Mar 2020 |
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Freelancers inhabit a world of paradoxes. These paradoxes show us how when a huge shock hits, we may worry about how we will survive, but in a sense we are already surviving.

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