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Balance functionality and flair to effectively communicate your expertise or big idea – and capture your reader’s imagination

Some business and digital editorial projects are all about technical precision and standardisation. In others, the focus is more on how a brand or message can capture the reader’s imagination. Whatever the case for your project, I can help to ensure your writing is accurate, accessible and appropriate for your target audience.

Mark and Bernie Fishpool

Bringing any publication to market is always a challenge and part of that challenge is never really knowing who you are going to end up working with. We have been delighted with the service provided by Wordstitch Editorial. They have been consummately professional, have a can-do (and will-sort) attitude and they have protected us from a lot of the usual aggravation that can come as texts are prepared for publication. We have certainly seen many books that have been published riddled with errors, but we really are not seeing that this time. We would really like to work with you again. Thank you!’

Authors of Software Development in Practice
(BCS, The Institute for IT, 2020)

Rasmus Houlind

Hazel helped to make the manuscript more easily accessible and understandable than it would have been. She’s also razor sharp in having an eye for the structure and flow of the text. … There were specific parts of the manuscript where I was in doubt of whether I had explained myself properly – and parts where I surely knew I hadn’t. Hazel helped sort those parts out so I could rephrase and rework them. Those were very crucial parts of the manuscript, so I feel it became so much better and more congruent. I’d recommend (and have done so already) Hazel to anyone seeking an editor for their book project!’

Author of $Hello FirstName
(Omnichannel Institute, 2023)

Business and digital editing and proofreading clients

Some of my past and present business and digital editing and proofreading clients are:

  • BBC Bitesize (Business Studies)
  • BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
  • Behavioural Insights Team
  • Dubai Future Foundation
  • Included
  • LID Business Media
  • Omnichannel Institute
  • Wiley Blackwell
  • Independent authors

Case study

Hello Firstname
Editorial service

Full Edit


$Hello FirstName: Profiting from Personalization


Rasmus Houlind, founder of the Omnichannel Institute and CXO at Agillic

Project details

In 2023, Rasmus engaged me to carry out a comprehensive edit of his upcoming co-authored book on personalisation in marketing, cleverly titled $Hello FirstName.

Download the full case study to read about my collaboration with Rasmus.

Deep Learning And Neural Networks Background

Specialist focus


Futures research and reporting may cover diverse topics, but each publication should usually be an integrated whole. I can work flexibly across multiple topics and areas, helping to ensure there is a common thread and tone running through your publication.

My services are tailored to your requirements, whether you’re looking for restructuring or a peace-of-mind final check and polish. And, building on over a decade of academic editing, I can provide comprehensive support with referencing and fact checking, to help cement your publication’s authority.

Specialist focus

Software and data management

Whether you’re publishing a report on an industry trend or something more technical, I can help to ensure your publication is geared towards your intended audience and their level of expertise. I can blend the writing of multiple authors if needed, ensuring consistency and a logical flow from start to finish.

While I’m no expert, I’ve dabbled extensively in database design and coding. As such, you can be confident I will understand and respect the integrity of your code excerpts and your use of specialist terminology.

3D source code of a webpage, open in programming editor's application window. Several planes with data floating in 3d space - central one in focus. Digitally generated background, expressing the technologies behind the internet. Webpage making illustration.

Full list of specialisms

Technical and professions

  • Business and leadership
  • Charity operations, governance and fundraising
  • Climate
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Futures
  • Healthcare
  • Investment
  • Marketing
  • Peace processes and peace research
  • Resources and transit
  • Software and data management

Humanities and lifestyle

  • Anthropology
  • Art history
  • Genealogy
  • Health and fitness
  • History
  • Media, culture and communication
  • Mountaineering and expeditions
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Religion

What my clients say

‘Hazel has been my secret weapon for more book projects than I can remember. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it; she spots things I would never have seen in a million years. I wouldn’t even consider sending one of my books to print without Hazel working her magic on it first.’

Paul Choy, international documentary photographer and author

‘I have worked with Hazel on three books now – two were mine, the third and most recent was for an important client. Hazel is a delight to work with when one is short of time and naturally impatient. She is thoroughly professional and has the instincts to pick up a writer’s tone of voice and rhythm and match it through the value she adds to the manuscript. Her returned versions are easy to understand, adopt and go forward with.’

– Tim Baynes, consultant and author

‘I think you have done a fantastic job and exactly what I was hoping for in terms of making the writing clearer for readers. ... I especially think you've done a great job given what you ended up having to do was so much more than the copyediting job you were hired for and in the timeframe given.’

– Publisher

‘I’ve just read your comments, which were very helpful! Particularly when you would catch the cadence of a page and then spot the part (even one word) that didn't fit!’

– Multi-award-winning international management consultant and author

‘This book would not have been possible without the publishing team ... including Hazel Bird for detailed editing, spotting possible issues, and asking insightful questions as we edited the text.’

– Neil Taylor, co-author of Professional Issues in IT, 3rd ed (BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 2022)

Editorial services for business and digital publications

Publication types

Impact reports
Research reports
White papers
Applications and assessments
Annual report and accounts
Policy papers
Prospectuses and brochures
Web and marketing copy
Magazines and newsletters
General correspondence

Full edit

Optimise your text for your audience with comprehensive enhancements to flow, clarity and consistency

Final eyes

Publish with confidence, knowing your text has been thoroughly checked for errors, consistency and layout

Referencing check-up

Convey your authority and demonstrate your evidence base with meticulously constructed and verified referencing

Editorial report

Get a comprehensive assessment and report with suggestions on how to take your manuscript forward

Project management

Hand over to a PRINCE2® Practitioner editorial manager who will strategise and problem-solve on your behalf

Hazel Bird, Wordstitch Editorial, copyeditor, proofreader, developmental editor and editorial project manager

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