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One size does not fit all in business editing. Some projects require meticulous technical attention to ensure precision and standardisation. In others, the focus is more on how a brand or message can capture the reader’s imagination. Whether you’re aiming for functionality, flair or a little of both, I can help to ensure your writing is accurate, accessible and appropriate for your target audience.

If your organisation is in the public sector, you might find my services for charities and public sector organisations useful. If you’re writing about an area of business for an academic publisher, you might find it more helpful to check out my academic services.

Skills and experience

  • Dozens of business-related projects completed over a broad variety of publication types: books, research reports, annual reports, prospectuses, journal articles, web copy and more
  • Wide experience of adapting to and enhancing each client’s individual voice, message and brand, including harmonising writing by multiple authors
  • Both print and digital workflows (familiar with HTML, XML and CSS)
  • Adept with various style guides (e.g. APA, Chicago, Guardian, Hart’s Rules and MLA), and can quickly adapt to clients’ house styles or develop a bespoke style guide from scratch
  • Familiar with variants of English including British and American
  • Considerable experience with highly illustrated and technical books and reports
  • Dexterity with referencing: can convert between systems, research missing information and implement stylistic consistency
  • Practised at working with authors across disciplines, cultures, languages and language abilities
  • Extensive experience coordinating with suppliers (freelance and non) around the world: I can suggest suppliers or work with your existing network (for project management)


  • Copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • Developmental editing

  • Editorial project management

What my clients and colleagues say

Hazel has been my secret weapon for more book projects than I can remember. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it; she spots things I would never have seen in a million years. I wouldn’t even consider sending one of my books to print without Hazel working her magic on it first.

- Paul Choy, international documentary photographer and author


You have been very thorough and easy to work with. Thank you!

- Jane Wiggins, Director, FM Tutor & Associates Ltd

I have worked with Hazel on three books now – two were mine, the third and most recent was for an important client. Hazel is a delight to work with when one is short of time and naturally impatient. She is thoroughly professional and has the instincts to pick up a writer’s tone of voice and rhythm and match it through the value she adds to the manuscript. Her returned versions are easy to understand, adopt and go forward with.

- Tim Baynes, consultant and author

Just read your comments – very helpful! Particularly when you would catch the cadence of a page and then spot the part (even one word) that didn’t fit!

- multi-award-winning international management consultant and author

Hazel was startlingly efficient, in both negotiating the work with me and doing it when she said she would, and exactly as I’d asked for. I’m not used to people being so dynamic, given how sclerotic our work lives have become. ... She rose to the challenge brilliantly ... and she acted with impressive initiative. I’d give her AA for adaptability and acumen. An N for niceness too. And a very big E for efficiency and effectiveness.

- Dr Jo Stanley, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

Publication types

  • Books

    Working closely with authors to hone their manuscript into a rigorously presented text that showcases their ideas in the most effective way.

  • Reports and white papers

    Working to ensure accuracy and clarity while ensuring the language and presentation are suitable for the intended audience.

  • Marketing and other outward-facing materials

    Enhancing the consistency of your brand message and the professional image of your organisation.

  • Websites and other digital copy

    Ensuring grammatical consistency and clarity of language while providing quality assurance on technical aspects as required.

  • Book proposals, CVs, résumés, covering letters, etc.

    Ensuring your words are presented clearly and effectively so as to persuade others of your message or skills.

  • Academic books and articles

    Click here for more information.


Subject areas and sectors

I work across most areas of business writing, but following are some areas in which I have particular experience and expertise:

  • Computing (general)
  • Design and digital design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freelancing
  • Governance
  • Innovation and ideas
  • Learning and education
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Management
  • Marketing and branding
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Well-being


Clients and publishers

These are all clients I have worked with either on actual business materials or on business-related topics:

  • BBC Bitesize (Business Studies revision materials; click here for my education services)
  • BCS, The Institute for IT
  • Directory of Social Change
  • Hacche
  • LID Business Media
  • Professional Ghost
  • University of Gloucestershire
  • Whitefox
  • Wiley Blackwell
  • Individual authors


What I’m most proud of

The Project Revolution: How to Succeed in a Project Driven World, Antonio Nieto Rodriguez (LID Business Media, 2019)

  • Authored by a world-leading project management thinker and practitioner, recognised by Thinkers50
  • Media-rich book packed full of examples, diagrams and other features
  • Extensive footnoted referencing covering a wide variety of types of publication
  • Blend of theory-driven, practical and anecdotal styles


The Project Revolution cover

Other example publications

  • The Innovator’s Book, Max McKeown (LID Business Media, 2019)
  • University of Gloucestershire undergraduate prospectus for 2019
  • Business Analyst: Careers in Business Analysis, Adrian Reed (BCS – The Institute for IT, 2018)
  • The Power of Capitalism: A Journey through Recent History across Five Continents, Rainer Zitelmann (LID Business Media, 2018)
  • Various research reports, annual reports, etc.

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