- sample edits and how I create quotes -

Sample edits

A sample edit is a really helpful way for editor and potential client to find out whether they’d make a good fit:

  • It gives you a feel for my editing style and allows you to ask questions about what I do and why.
  • It helps me to better understand what you’re looking for from an editor and more accurately estimate how long a project might take.

I offer free sample edits, with no obligation, of up to 1,000 words. It’s best if the text you send is representative of your project as a whole, so we can both get a good sense of what the work will involve and how we can most effectively work together.

Please note that I tend to offer sample edits after an initial discussion of your project, so we can both first get a sense of whether our working styles are likely to mesh well together (click here for more information on the editorial process).

Please get in touch if you’d like me to provide a sample edit for your project.


How I calculate my quotes

When I calculate my quotes, I take into account factors such as:

  • word count: for most work I use word counts rather than page counts, because the number of words on a page can vary enormously
  • level of work required: a very heavy edit can easily take four or more times as long as a very light edit of the same length (a sample edit can be helpful to establish the level of work required)
  • specific requests: things you particularly want me to fix or look out for
  • reference-editing requirements: whether there are references and how much work is needed to complete and tidy them
  • number and complexity of extra elements: such as tables, figures, illustrations and boxed elements
  • style requirements: whether you want me to implement a specific style guide or your own house style, and whether the style needs to be implemented from scratch or just checked

When you contact me to request a quote, it’s helpful if you can give me as much of the above information as possible. However, don’t worry if you don’t yet have some of these details. I understand that, sometimes, the point of hiring an editor or proofreader is that you just want to hand your project over to the expert! Whatever your level of knowledge, I’ll be more than happy to discuss the knowns and unknowns and give you a ballpark figure to consider.

Please get in touch to discuss your project and I’ll quickly provide you with a clear quote and my next available slot.


Why I can’t provide fixed prices

I know how valuable it is to get the information you need quickly, so I would love to be able to provide a clear set of prices. Unfortunately this isn’t possible, for one important reason:

The problem

If I provided fixed prices on my website, I would risk over-charging many of my clients, which clearly would not be acceptable or ethical.

This is because the scope of editorial work (and therefore the time it takes) can vary hugely based on the preparedness of the text and the client’s requirements. For example, I’ve completed copyediting projects that took four times as long as similarly sized projects intended for the same audience.

As a result, if I provided a set of fixed prices, I would have to calculate them based on a fairly high average level of complexity, so clients with more straightforward requirements would be charged more than their project requires. I would effectively be asking my clients with lower-complexity projects to subsidise my clients with higher-complexity projects, and that’s absolutely not okay in my book.

The solution

Therefore, for every potential client who comes to me with an enquiry, I provide a customised quote that is based on the specifics of their project and their requirements. That way, my clients know they’re only paying for the work I actually do for them and I receive a fair fee for the work I provide.

Ready to find out more?

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